If you are looking to Call in “The One” but haven’t been meeting the right men, or are unimpressed with the quality of men in your dating pool, then keep reading because I’m going to share with you one single POWERFUL technique that will help get the ball rolling in the RIGHT direction.

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If you are looking to call in the one, but are having difficulty meeting great guys, you are not alone.  This is something I frequently hear from the women who come to work with me; and yet, after a few months of coaching they’re meeting great guys and going out on several promising dates every week.  So what happened?  They didn’t pick up and move to another city.  They didn’t change their job or their circle of friends…

Here’s what they changed: They changed their core LOVE identity.  

They changed who they were being – with themselves and with others – and this ONE  change made all the difference.

Why is that?  And what is a “love identity”? 

Your love identity is like an invisible fragrance, much like a pheromone, that is silently sending signals to others about your value and availability for partnership. You probably learned in biology class that pheromones are chemical signals that all animals exude, and they elicit certain responses in other animals of the same species. 

A person’s “love identity” acts like a kind of pheromone, attracting some people and repelling others. Your love identity is the silent sum of all your beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors about love.  About whether you think – on a subconscious level – that you are “good enough” to have love. 

A love identity gets formed way before puberty, probably around the time you thought boys were gross. Your young mind received messages and beliefs from your parents, caregivers, community that lifted you and gave you a sense of power and agency, or, made you doubt yourself, feel unloved, unsafe, or like you needed to change something in order to be loveable.

Here’s the GOOD NEWS: today we have the tools and the technology to transform our love identity, and this is the most powerful shift you can make to attract healthy, happy love. 

The technology that I’ve been working with, and that has been getting GREAT results for my clients is my teacher Katherine Woodward Thomas’ True Love Awakening process.

How True Love Awakening Technology Can Help You Call in “The One”

True Love Awakening technology is sourced from several leading edge M.D.’s and psychotherapists, but Katherine’s brilliant contribution is the way she has codified it into a step-by-step process that clearly shows how to get from point A to point B.

How does it work?

The main precept it teaches is, if we want to create something we’ve never had, we have to become someone we’ve never been.  I’ll repeat that:

In order to create something you’ve never had, you have to become someone you’ve never been.

So, if you are single, and you would like to be married, there is a person you will become, once you are married.  There is a life you will be living.  You will be having different thoughts than the ones you are having now, and what you think is possible for your life will change.

True Love Awakening is a step-by-step process to mentally, behaviorally and emotionally time travel into your FUTURE self, so you can begin generating life right now from the center of who you will become.

Let’s think about that for a second…

If you were a happily married woman, who would you be?

How would you keep your home? Plan your evenings? How would you relate to your mother or your girlfriends?  

How would you treat your body? 

Would you take care of your physical wellbeing, knowing how important it is to your libido, to feeling comfortable in your skin, and to the healthy expression of sexuality with your beloved? Would you treat your body well? Of course you would.

If you wish to call in healthy love, you need to be living your life AS IF, it’s already here.

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When do you get to feel confident and worthy? Now or after you’ve met the one?  When do you get to experience loving connection with another human being?  When does that future you are seeking get to happen… even a little bit?

The answer my love is NOW.

Look into that crystal ball of yours, and begin a productive session of visioning your future, and all the possibilities it entails.  Write down how you walk in the world.  How you  dress.  What your morning routine looks like. How you keep your home.

Live from that center.  Align your beliefs from that center. If you do, you will begin to attract what you are seeking… including a better quality of men in your dating pool.

Here’s to you,

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