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About Coaching Services

Jeanne Byrd is a senior certified Calling in “The One” Coach and Facilitator, a senior certified Conscious Uncoupling Coach, a certified INHC Institute of Integrative Nutrition Coach, and a Senior certified Feminine Power Transformative Coach. She has over 10 years of experience coaching hundreds of men, women and couples to create sexy, soulful, relationships.

She offers coaching services for both individuals and couples that are tailored to their specific needs.

She works with issues such as how to attract a partner who will love, support and respect the real you, how to keep a steady infusion of love and passion circulating in a long-term relationship, how to use your body, through intuition and nutrition to create a thriving love life, and how to consciously end a relationship that is no longer appropriate for you.

Because coaching is a collaborative process, she looks for the following in her clients:

  • Individuals and couples who are willing to take action despite the natural fears and resistance that pop up.
  • Individuals and couples who can self-reflect and take constructive feedback as they move through the discovery process.
  • Individuals and couples who prioritize themselves and their commitment to grow, change and evolve their lives.
  • Individuals and couples who understand that coaching is a financial, emotional, and spiritual investment in themselves.

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Coaching Services

Work with Jeanne to create a sexy, healthy love life that fulfills your deepest desires.

Relationship Coaching

Are you looking to attract a sexy, conscious mate?  Learn about the revolutionary Calling in “The One” method.

Breakup Coaching

Are you contemplating ending a relationship? If you need support, learn about Conscious Uncoupling.

Healthy Love Coaching

Do you desire love but want to focus on healing your body temple? Learn about Healthy Love Coaching.

Meet Jeanne Byrd.

Jeanne Byrd Romero is a senior certified Calling in “The One” Coach and Facilitator, a senior certified Conscious UncouplingTMCoach, a certified INHC Institute of Integrative Nutrition Coach, and a Senior certified Feminine Power Transformative Coach. She has over 10 years of experience successfully coaching hundreds of men, women and couples about physical and relational health and wellbeing.

Praise for Jeanne Byrd Coaching

“During the Calling in “The One” process, Jeanne was able to give me clear insight into complex situations… very quickly.  I appreciated her ability to frequently connect with me — since I live in Europe — and also I appreciated her ability to speak the truth with great joy!  Soon after the completion of the Calling in “The One” process, I met my true love!  Because of the work Jeanne and I did, I am now able to navigate issues, as well as enjoy a profound field of trust, delight and security with my beloved.”

Annina Lucina Martin, Switzerland

“Jeanne is an expert in health and relationships.  Her personal experience transforming her own body with healthy choices and supplements as well as having a happy, healthy marriage make her an extraordinary leader when it comes to coaching men and women to achieve the breakthroughs necessary to have their deepest desires met in love and life!”

Cherry Norris, Dating Coach, Actress, Filmmaker

“After not having been in a relationship for almost 10 years, my work with skillful Jeanne taught me that I  was the obstacle in my search to find my Life Partner. Over the last 6 months, I have (with her loving coaching) been able to truly fall in love with myself. I now feel he is on his way to the authentic me. I am forever grateful to my mentor, Jeanne.”

Michelle W, San Francisco, CA

“Through Jeanne’s skillful and gentle guidance, I have uncovered barriers to love and discovered patterns of belief that have kept me from ever achieving a deep intimacy in relationships. She has shown me that I can meet my Beloved just by being my authentic self, and he will love me for that.”

O’Brian, Lake Shasta CA

“Jeanne built rapport quickly, facilitating a level of trust between us that allowed me to communicate with her in a very authentic and honest way. We were able to move rapidly through any resistance or blocks each session, leaving me in a place of clarity and excitement at all the possibilities that lay ahead.

She brings the most beautiful, loving energy coupled with deep care and warmth to every session.  I feel very safe and held within her wise guidance.”

Jen. M., Australia

“Jeanne is an incredibly effective coach.   Thanks to her coaching I am healing emotional wounds that have been festering since childhood. Despite being 2,000 plus miles apart, I felt safe with Jeanne’s always-present love and firmness”

Tina, Detroit, MI

“Jeanne has a wonderful sense of humor, authentic humility and commitment to the greatest good for the person she is helping.  Her humor has helped me laugh at situations, and at myself, in ways that are not self-negating or self-judging, rather that bring compassion and gentle awareness of my ego.  She helped me to relax my mind and bring fluidity and possibility back into the conversation.”

Yael S., Switzerland

Dear Jeanne,

Words cannot express how much I appreciated your loving, skillful guidance during our sessions together.  I am moving forward with the feeling of optimism, uplift, strength and confidence.  I now know that my deepest yearnings can be achieved and I have everything I need to become the One who will find her One!”

With Deep gratitude and much love,


Thank you again, from the bottom of my heart, for your time and your utter commitment to use becoming our truest, deepest, most competent and authentic selves.  It is life changing.



Thank you Jeanne.  I am reminded by your graceful attention.  Feeling witnessed and held in this endeavor together.  I am struggling, floundering and faltering and blessed by my sense of perceived humiliation, by the paralyzingly limitations inherent in this situation and brought to my knees by this unfolding, graced to know what I know is not all there is to know. Thank your for helping me rise, for lifting me through your compassionate choice to be here with us all. You move me.

Thank you,


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