Attract a sexy, conscious mate and become the healthiest version of you.

Master Coach Jeanne will guide you through this transformative and  life-changing nutrition and relationship coaching program.

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I often have clients bemoan the state of their love lives but are hesitant to take action because they don’t feel emotionally or physically ready for love.  I hear things like, “He’ll come once I lose the weight” or, “Since menopause, I just don’t feel like being intimate…  I want companionship, but not sex…”

When we go through life feeling at war with our bodies, either due to emotional stress or health challenges, it’s difficult to be an unconditional yes to love.

And this is a very big problem because part of what helps us grow into our fullness as relational beings is having a conscious partner to witness and share life with.

If you’re feeling like a yes to love, but know deep down inside that your self-care practice could be a barrier to receiving  a phenomenal partner, then I invite you to consider my 12-Week Healthy Love Private Coaching Program. In just 3 short months, you will begin designing the body and love life you desire so that there is no hesitation when your Beloved comes knocking on your door.


In just 12 weeks you can begin healing your body and transforming your love identity so that you attract a sexy, conscious mate.


Healthy Love is a one-of-a-kind Private Coaching Experience where you:

  • Improve and stabilize your moods.
  • Balance your endogenous hormones.
  • Control glucose levels and calm sugar cravings.
  • Learn the secrets of healthy weight loss, and how to maintain your weight for life.
  • Improve blood pressure and increase cardiovascular health.
  • Strengthen your immune system through the regulation of your microbiome (digestion.)

While improving your physical wellbeing you will also:

  • Set a rock solid intention that supports you and steadies you during lift off.
  • Learn how to truly inhabit your body so you feel utterly at home and sexy in your skin.
  • Transform toxic beliefs about your body and sexuality and begin embracing life as a vibrant, sexual being.
  • Release and transform old patterns so you become magnetic to love.
  • Open your heart to lightness and possibility so that you are ready to embrace a sexy, conscious mate.
  • Integrate your new healthy lifestyle so it becomes your new normal.


Imagine waking up every morning inside of a body that supports and delights you, all while creating new possibilities in love!

Did you know that the foods you eat affect more than your weight?

The seat of your health, your immune function, your metabolism, your hormone production and your moods, originates in your gut, or microbiome. The gut is actually called the second brain, and it works in conjunction with your other brain to regulate all the vital functions that keep you alive.

Research of the microbiome shows us that anxiety,
depression and other mental health issues originate in
the gut, travel up to the brain via the Vegas nerve,
sending messages back and forth, letting the brain know whether to trigger a sense homeostasis, or alarm.
What you feed yourself either nourishes or agitates your gut. An agitated gut not only affects what you look like, it also affects your moods.

What exactly is Healthy Love Coaching?

Healthy Love is a 12 Week one-on-one private coaching program that combines the transformative principles of relationship coaching with cutting edge practices of integrative nutrition.  It includes a full functional health assessment, a custom nutrition plan, and a fitness regime that is sustainable and makes you feel at home in your body.

While attending to your physical health needs, we will also be working to release old relational patterns that have prevented you from achieving your highest potentials in love.  You will learn new skills and capacities and become magnetic to the love and partnership you deeply desire.

Success Stories

 “In Healthy Love, Jeanne has created a wonderful offering that combines attention to one’s genuine well-being and self-nourishment with a deep connection to love — both for oneself and with regard to others. She holds a container of depth, knowledge, and acceptance that is so strong; one cannot help but transform! She is truly a gift!” 

Mary Carol | Healthy Love Coaching Client


Here’s how it works…

After you purchase your coaching package, we’ll meet by phone or video conferencing.  The first call is 90 minutes and after visioning and setting a powerful intention for transformation, I will conduct a comprehensive health history intake.  We will  establish your desired outcomes for health, love and partnership.

As we move through the course through weekly 60-minute coaching sessions, you will have access to my undivided attention and care, where I support and guide you through this effective and powerful process.

You will receive a custom  Integrative Nutrition meal plan based on the results of cutting-edge functional medicine testing that you undergo in Week 6. These tests give us a snapshot of your baseline health and reveal any health problems that we can mitigate through the program protocols (working in conjunction with your primary care physician if need be).  If you fully commit to the program, you will improve or stabilize your moods, hormones, blood sugar levels, blood pressure, metabolism, weight, digestive functioning and cardiovascular health.

This 12-week program is profound, comprehensive and NOT based on fad diets or punitive, unsustainable regimens.


Do you avoid intimacy and connection because you don’t feel your best? You’re not alone.

One of the biggest barriers to achieving healthy intimacy with a partner is not feeling at home in your skin.  Sometimes the external messages we received as children created toxic ideas about our sexuality.  Other times, a deeply held belief that we are not “good enough” gets activated due to emotional or physical trauma.  Sometimes we are simply not looking and feeling our best so we don’t feel comfortable being seen intimately.   The 12-Week  Healthy Love Coaching Program was developed to heal and transform both the interior and the exterior obstacles to intimate connection so that you can move through these barriers and create your best intimate relationship.

Meet Jeanne Byrd.

Jeanne Byrd Romero is a senior certified Calling in “The One” Coach and Facilitator, a senior certified Conscious UncouplingTMCoach, a certified INHC Institute of Integrative Nutrition Coach, and a Senior certified Feminine Power Transformative Coach. She has over 10 years of experience successfully coaching hundreds of men, women and couples about physical and relational health and wellbeing.

A Week-by-Week Overview…

Healthy Love Coaching Program

Here’s what we’ll cover during our 12 weeks together:

Week 1: Client Intake + Visioning: Establishing Desired Outcomes (90 minutes)

Week 2: Comprehensive Integrative Health History | Select Lab + order Functional Medicine Testing (60 minutes)

Week 3: Excavating Hidden Beliefs that Block Physical Transformation + Customized Supplements and Meal Plan (60 minutes)

Week 4: Evolving Old Relational Patterns in Love + Completing The Past (60 minutes)

Week 5: Stepping into your Full Creative Power | Unleashing the Magician Within (60 minutes)

Week 6: Recalibrating Your Second Brain: Mood and your Microbiome  (60 minutes)

Week 7: Renewing Commitments: A Mid-Point Refueling  + Review Functional Medicine Testing and Meal Plan

Week 8: Ho o’oponopono: Experience the Joy & Release of Forgiveness (aka Becoming a Badass)

Week 9: Embracing and Expressing Healthy Sexuality + Healthy Boundaries

Week 10: Cultivating a Deepest Desires Practice to Become a Love Magnet

Week 11: Navigate Breakdown Like a Pro: (What to Do When the [blank] Hits the Fan)

Week 12: Completing your Healthy Love Journey: Graduation & Integration

After you register for coaching, you’ll receive everything you need to take full advantage of the Healthy Love program along with private one-on-one coaching sessions with me.

During this program you will learn how to comfortably inhabit your body in a way that is deeply soothing and healing.  You will own your true value and set up a system of self-care that liberates you from yo-yo dieting and body shame.

"Jeanne can save you years of therapy. I have seen her work miracles with clients in a very short period of time."

– Katherine Woodward Thomas | New York Times Bestselling Author

"Thank you again, from the bottom of my heart, for your time and your utter commitment to us becoming our truest, deepest, most competent and authentic selves. It is life changing."


"She brings the most beautiful, loving energy coupled with deep care and warmth to every session. I feel very safe and held within her wise guidance."

– Jen M., Australia

Can I do the program if I’m only interested in improving my health, not in attracting a mate?

Yes! Although the original program was developed to address the desire to create both love and better health, if you are at a place in your life where you want to focus on your health alone, you can sign up for a 6 Week Healthy Body Coaching Package. The Healthy Body program is a private, Integrative Nutrition program where we address all aspects of your outer wellbeing, starting with a comprehensive health assessment panel to see how your body is functioning now.  After all blood testing and screening is complete, we work together to develop a customized nutrition plan that will get you in optimum condition.  While you are ramping up your fitness and nutrition goals, we will meet weekly to work on any inner barriers to health, vitality and joy. If you commit fully to the program, you will experience a boost in physical energy, have more mental clarity, and enjoy better connections with friends and loved ones.  To get started, sign up using the button below.

The Healthy Body Introductory Package includes:

6 Private One-on One Coaching Sessions with Master Coach Jeanne Byrd

+ Comprehensive Integrative Nutrition Screening Assessment

+ Custom Eating Plan + Intention Setting Meditation

Not sure if Healthy Body coaching is right for you?  Click here to schedule a free 30-minute Discovery session with Jeanne.  


Success Stories

“I found Jeanne after picking up the Calling in The One book…

Jeanne has a very refreshing approach and allowed me to see patterns that didn’t serve me with relationships. I looked forward to my time with Jeanne every week!! I would never have known how important the self love journey is without working with her. I feel really happy in my life now and my self worth is at its highest vibration to attract my dream man.”

Courtney Wilson

Courtney Wilson

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about the proven Healthy Love Program

Does this process work for people of all ages and health histories?

Yes.  Whether you are suffering from a chronic health condition or are in pretty good shape but seek to feel even better, the Healthy Love program will improve your baseline of wellbeing.  If you are experiencing serious health conditions, we will work together with your treating physician to make sure the program is modified to suit your individual needs. This program is not intended as a substitute for medical counseling.

What if I only want to do Health Coaching?  Can I just do that?

Yes.  If you are not at a place in your life where you feel called to create love (or if you are already partnered), then you can sign up for the Introductory Healthy Body program, which is a 6 week  comprehensive integrative nutrition program that will increase your health, vitality and overall sense of wellbeing.

How do sessions take place?

Coaching sessions are conducted over the phone or video conferencing and last 60 minutes.  Our first call includes a detailed intake session and that call will be closer to 90 minutes.



How is this love coaching different from the other programs you offer on your website?

Healthy Love is a one-of-a-kind program that I personally developed for men and women who feel inspired to call in a partner while improving their health.  The other love coaching programs I offer do not focus on physical wellbeing.

IMPORTANT: Are health screening assessments and functional medicine testing included in the program fees?

 All testing fees are separate and incurred by the client.  Please contact your health care provider or insurance company representative to find out what is covered under your medical plan. I will partner with you to find the best medical lab based on your individual needs.


Why I developed this revolutionary program that combines love coaching + integrative nutrition.

I went through YEARS of pain and suffering with my physical health, working 16 hour days in the film industry, to such a degree that it affected my moods, stress levels and disrupted vital bodily functions – ultimately winding me up in the hospital with countless surgeries and other painful experiences.  Many doctors told me that my ailments were both lifestyle and “genetic” related and would be best managed by medication and a better  work/life balance.  Although my unrelenting film schedule was a big factor to my health woes, I was curious if I could use the healing properties of food to replace the drugs I was using to maintain baseline health levels. So I decided to fully commit to a lifestyle overhaul.  I read everything I could find on supplements, hormones, digestion and plant based medicine.  I created a custom eating and movement protocol under which I began to thrive and weaned myself off most my medications.

Excited and inspired by the miracle I had created for myself, I decided to pursue certification as a licensed Integrative Nutrition Specialist so that I could expand my existing love and relationship coaching practice to include  the Healthy Love Principles that had transformed my own  life.  I was already successfully coaching hundreds of men and women on how to attract loving partners, and  now using solid, scientific principles of integrative nutrition, I could help my clients call in their highest potentials in health as well.

If you are ready to transform your lovestyle and lifestyle, I can’t wait to partner with you.

Here’s to you,

Praise for Jeanne Byrd Coaching

“During the Calling in “The One” process, Jeanne was able to give me clear insight into complex situations… very quickly.  I appreciated her ability to frequently connect with me — since I live in Europe — and also I appreciated her ability to speak the truth with great joy!  Soon after the completion of the Calling in “The One” process, I met my true love!  Because of the work Jeanne and I did, I am now able to navigate issues, as well as enjoy a profound field of trust, delight and security with my beloved.”

Annina Lucina Martin, Switzerland

“Jeanne is an expert in health and relationships.  Her personal experience transforming her own body with healthy choices and supplements as well as having a happy, healthy marriage make her an extraordinary leader when it comes to coaching men and women to achieve the breakthroughs necessary to have their deepest desires met in love and life!”

Cherry Norris, Dating Coach, Actress, Filmmaker

“After not having been in a relationship for almost 10 years, my work with skillful Jeanne taught me that I  was the obstacle in my search to find my Life Partner. Over the last 6 months, I have (with her loving coaching) been able to truly fall in love with myself. I now feel he is on his way to the authentic me. I am forever grateful to my mentor, Jeanne.”

Michelle W, San Francisco, CA

“Through Jeanne’s skillful and gentle guidance, I have uncovered barriers to love and discovered patterns of belief that have kept me from ever achieving a deep intimacy in relationships. She has shown me that I can meet my Beloved just by being my authentic self, and he will love me for that.”

O’Brian, Lake Shasta CA

“Jeanne built rapport quickly, facilitating a level of trust between us that allowed me to communicate with her in a very authentic and honest way. We were able to move rapidly through any resistance or blocks each session, leaving me in a place of clarity and excitement at all the possibilities that lay ahead.

She brings the most beautiful, loving energy coupled with deep care and warmth to every session.  I feel very safe and held within her wise guidance.”

Jen. M., Australia

“Jeanne is an incredibly effective coach.   Thanks to her coaching I am healing emotional wounds that have been festering since childhood. Despite being 2,000 plus miles apart, I felt safe with Jeanne’s always-present love and firmness”

Tina, Detroit, MI

“Jeanne has a wonderful sense of humor, authentic humility and commitment to the greatest good for the person she is helping.  Her humor has helped me laugh at situations, and at myself, in ways that are not self-negating or self-judging, rather that bring compassion and gentle awareness of my ego.  She helped me to relax my mind and bring fluidity and possibility back into the conversation.”

Yael S., Switzerland

Dear Jeanne,

Words cannot express how much I appreciated your loving, skillful guidance during our sessions together.  I am moving forward with the feeling of optimism, uplift, strength and confidence.  I now know that my deepest yearnings can be achieved and I have everything I need to become the One who will find her One!”

With deep gratitude and much love,


Thank you again, from the bottom of my heart, for your time and your utter commitment to use becoming our truest, deepest, most competent and authentic selves.  It is life changing.



Thank you Jeanne.  I am reminded by your graceful attention.  Feeling witnessed and held in this endeavor together.  I am struggling, floundering and faltering and blessed by my sense of perceived humiliation, by the paralyzingly limitations inherent in this situation and brought to my knees by this unfolding, graced to know what I know is not all there is to know. Thank your for helping me rise, for lifting me through your compassionate choice to be here with us all. You move me.

Thank you,