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About Jeanne Byrd

I have been creating a safe space for men and women to transform their bodies and relationships since 2008. Using intuition, nutrition and transformative practice, I help my clients achieve results that were impossible with their old lifestyles and beliefs.

My desire for you…

I want to help you create a successful, soulful love life that matches your most intimate desire for partnership.

I want to help you nourish and support your physical body so that you feel congruent and comfortable in your own skin, able to offer your heart and body to your Beloved as a gift, without shame or ambivalence.

I want to help you catalyze heartbreak and suffering so that the people and experiences that informed you, no longer define you, or impact your future.

My background and training…

I am a Senior Certified Calling in “The One” Coach and Facilitator, a Senior Certified Conscious Uncoupling Coach, a Certified INHC Institute of Integrative Nutrition Coach, and a Senior Certified Feminine Power Transformative Coach. I have over 10 years of transformative coaching experience and have successfully worked with hundreds of men, women and couples.

Training and knowing “how” only gets you so far. The crucible of transformation begins with practice.

My own personal practice helped me heal:

  • A pattern of attracting romantic partners who could not choose me consciously or fulfill me sexually.
  • A limiting belief that I was not good enough to attract the partner that I desired (this was an old story picked up in childhood).
  • A work life balance that nearly cost me everything (including my sense of possibility and my physical wellbeing).

Maybe you’re experiencing some version of my old story? If that’s so don’t despair.

Your past doesn’t get the final say on your future. What you do right now is what’s going to determine your future.

I distinctly remember the moment when I finally had enough of feeling like crap and being disappointed by men. It was during this proverbial Dark Night of the Soul that I began to feel myself losing interest in “why” and “who’s fault” it was. I didn’t know it at the time, but I was entering a state of being that made transformation inevitable…

Sailing into my future…

My past, including my dysfunctional upbringing, my childhood wounds, my romantic heartbreaks, my health setbacks, and the stress of being a filmmaker spending 16 hours a day on set, was not going to be the end point for me.

Yes, bad things had happened and accountability for many of those things did not land entirely on my shoulders. Yet, if I kept my attention focused on where others had failed me, I knew I wasn’t going to get to be the author of my ending. Somebody else was. The idea of that was intolerable to me. So I rolled up my sleeves and got to work…

I discovered a path of personal practice that allowed me to heal trauma and create a beautiful future from the ashes.

In 2005 I met Katherine Woodward Thomas, author of Calling in “The One” and “Conscious Uncoupling” and she became my teacher, mentor and my biggest cheerleader as I slowly began the process of uncoupling from dysfunction and coupling with consciousness, health and relational wealth.

It was a magical time. I trained hard, met a wonderful community of women who became my soulmates, and I got certified as a Love and Relationship Coach. I felt fulfilled and totally inside of my life’s mission as I helped my clients get their love lives poppin!

My own journey to love fulfilled came full circle in 2011 when I married my Beloved Daniel in a small sea-side ceremony. Katherine serenaded us with “Get Here” by Oleta Adams. It was gorgeous!

I used Calling in “The One” to attract Daniel.

I am so grateful to my husband Daniel for supporting me as I fulfill my deep desire to help others create healthy relationships in their own lives.  So much is possible when you align with the right partner.

In 2016 I put the final piece of my coaching practice into place when I became a Certified INHC Institute of Integrative Nutrition Coach.


I had been using mind body awareness, including nutrition, in my personal transformative practice for years, and it was time to get credentialed so I could guide my clients on how to do it for themselves.

So that in an nutshell is my journey of living a largely unconscious lifestyle (and lovestyle) to becoming the master of my destiny with a life, livelihood and beloved that finally matches my deepest desires.

What about you?  And are you ready to unshackle yourself from anything that’s preventing you from living out your deepest desires? I hope so.

Here’s to you,

"Your past doesn't determine your future. What you do today creates a vibrant, juicy life, full of love and happiness."

Jeanne Byrd, Creator of Healthy Love Coaching


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