If you have just begun your journey to love, or, if you’ve been on it for while now but you are having difficulty meeting the right person, you might be wondering why?     

If the quality of people you are attracting is low; or if you’re not really attracting anybody at all, the reason might be because of something called a love identity.

I recently had a conversation with the creator of Calling in the One, Katherine Woodward Thomas, and she said that the #1 hidden barrier to creating healthy, happy love is something called a False Love Identity.

What is a “love identity” and how can it help you (or keep you!) from Calling in The one?

Think of it like a love light that gets turned on (or off) by you. It’s a signal that you are unconsciously sending out wherever you go, and whoever you interact with.

Usually you are unaware that you’re doing it, but the other person on the receiving end of this light, they are getting a clear message from you that tells them how relatable you are, how emotionally available you are, and how ready you are for healthy commitment and intimate relationship. 

All of this information is being communicated to people without you speaking a single word, it’s just a “sense” they get from being around you.

What does this have to do with Calling in the One?

Well, if you are currently living inside of a False Love Identity, then it’s going to be much harder to call in the one, because the way you navigate conflict, intimacy, and vulnerability is going to reveal that communication skills are missing, and also that a baseline sense of safety is missing.  

And this sense of safety is crucial so that you are able to engage with intimacy in a way that draws your partner toward you, that inspires them want to bond with you — even in the face of conflict — and to deepen the connection.

Here’s the good news:  You can change your love identity . You can transform from having a False Love Identity, to having a True Love Identity.

And transforming into your True Love Identity will be the game changer in your Calling in The One journey.  It’s a night and day experience because the quality of people you attract into your life will up-level X 10.

Your ability to trust yourself to make good decisions and to sort the bad apples from the keeper improves drastically. 

And you move into a state of flow, into a state of allowing, that is incredibly magnetic and attractive to others, but it also feels so good in your own body!

So, what is your love identity? Are you trying to create healthy happy love from a True Love Identity or from a False love identity?

To help you figure this out, take my Love Identity Quiz.  This free, quick, and to-the-point-quiz is fun to take and it lets you know within minutes if you are living inside of a False Love Identity, or a True love identity.

Access the quiz here: https://jeannebyrd.typeform.com/to/T2nC1aAb

Knowing your love identity is foundational to the Calling in the One process so be sure to take the quiz  and find out if your love identity could be keeping you single.

But, no matter what your quiz results are remember one thing: You can change your love identity! 

And you can call in healthy whole-hearted love.