Heal from Heartbreak and Emerge

Lighter, wiser and ready to rebuild your life.

lighter, wiser and ready to reinvent your life.

with Conscious Uncoupling created by Katherine Woodward Thomas


  • Have you recently experienced the trauma of a breakup and are feeling overwhelmed, numb or completely devastated?
  • Are you feeling stuck, obsessed with winning your ex back, even though they have moved on and are not open to reconciling?
  • Are you secretly nursing a bruised heart from a relationship that ended years ago, unable to truly move on with your life?
  • Is your heart too scarred to soften and let someone new in?
  • Do you know in your heart of hearts that you need to end your relationship, but want to do it in a way that leaves both of you whole and able to rebuild your lives?


Conscious Uncoupling


jeanne-byrd-katherine-woodward-thomas-conscious-uncouplingThe process of uncoupling, or ending a relationship can be one of the hardest things we ever have to do.  Some breakups leave us relatively unscathed and we are able to move on with just minor bumps or scrapes.


Other breakups; however, can be so life altering that we spend years, or even decades trying to put ourselves back together again.


If you are currently in the process of uncoupling, or have an unhealed trauma over a previous break-up, the revolutionary 5 Step Conscious Uncoupling Program could be the answer to your prayers.


Developed by national bestselling Calling In “The One” author, Katherine Woodward Thomas, M.A., M.F.T., the Conscious Uncoupling course is a complete solution for navigating the closure of a relationship – and it works with or without the cooperation of your former partner.


The process is based on the principal that the degree of trauma we experience in a breakup is often related to an original core wound that becomes re-inflamed by the latest wounding. The reason why it can be so difficult, if not impossible, to heal from a bad breakup is because without properly addressing the original trauma, we are effectively putting a band-aid on a surgical level injury. When you add in the complexity of emotions involved in an intimate relationship, it can be easy to get engulfed in a sea of hatred, shame, obsession, depression, or fear.


These core wounds also create behavioral patterns that we repeatedly (and often unconsciously) engage in. These behaviors are the mechanisms that have been silently fueling the experiences we’ve been having in our relationships. The key to graduating from these painful dynamics has to do with evolving the very patterns that are keeping us locked in a cycle of pain and disappointment. Once we isolate and transform the pattern, and step into the Deeper Truth of Who We Are — deeply owning our true value, lovableness and worth — we are liberated from ever having to go through the same debilitating experience again.


When Katherine shared with me the brilliant Conscious Uncoupling process that she had developed, I knew there would be a great need for this powerful work. Having witnessed the devastating divorces of colleagues, (that went on for years and left hearts, families and finances in tatters) I emphatically decided to train in this transformative technique and I became a certified coach of the process.



Conscious Uncoupling is a groundbreaking
5 step program where you learn how to:

  • Release and transform the hurt, anger and resentment you feel toward your ex.
  • Master the 3 keys you must know in order to step out of heartbreak.
  • Bring your relationship to a healthy sense of closure so that you leave feeling whole, empowered and free to move on and recreate your life.
  • Stop engaging in behaviors that dishonor you or teach others to be selfish and narcissistic.
  • Liberate yourself forever from the patterns that co-created your painful experience.
  • Step into your new life with a powerful sense of self-worth that you wear elegantly, take with you everywhere, and keep no matter who you meet.
  • Open your heart to lightness and possibility so that you are ready for new love whenever it arrives.

How The Course Unfolds

You will receive a digital download of the complete Conscious Uncoupling 5 Step Audio Course, which includes the audios, transcripts, practice & reflection questions, and handouts for each session. You will prepare for our live coaching session by listening to the current session’s audio in the privacy of your own home and completing the reflection questions in your journal. We will then meet for each session by phone or Skype to deep dive into the learning distinctions and to explore the challenges and openings that you are experiencing.


As we move through the course, you will have access to my undivided attention and care during our sessions, where I support and guide you through this delicate process. You will receive feedback from me that empowers you to fully embody the Deeper Truth of Who You Are, which is the ultimate foundation for joy, possibility and emotional freedom. I will help you to integrate your progress and provide support if you experience a temporary setback.  This work is transformative in nature, and as a result can be a sweet, healing balm to you heart.



Frequently Asked Questions

How do sessions take place?

Most coaching sessions are conducted over the phone or on Skype.  If you prefer to meet in person, please send us an email with your inquiry.

Does this process work for people of all ages and sexual orientations?  

Yes.  The process of ending a relationship can be traumatic for anyone no matter what age, lifestyle or form the relationship took.

My ex is not interested in a “conscious completion.”  Can I use these principles when I’m dealing with an uncooperative person?

Yes. The Conscious Uncoupling process works even without the participation or support of your ex.  The course is focused on you and your emotional freedom. Hopefully that is something that is appealing to both parties, but sometimes that is not the case.

Can you guide us to actually staying together if we have a change of heart through the process?

Most definitely, and that outcome is not unusual as you engage in this process and become more related to and identified with your own responsibility.



Are you ready to start working with Jeanne
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Jeanne Byrd Romero is a highly trained transformative coach and facilitator who works with men and women in the areas of health and wellbeing, love and partnership, and mid-life transition. She is a certified Calling in “The One” coach and holds professional certifications in the Feminine Power and Conscious Uncoupling modalities. Jeanne has served for eight years as a Senior Mastery Core Leader in the thousands-strong Feminine Power global community, co-founded by Claire Zammit, Ph.D. (c), and Calling in “The One” national bestselling author Katherine Woodward Thomas, M.A., M.F.T.  Jeanne is currently preparing to launch a live seven-week empowerment workshop for women in the Los Angeles area.

To learn more about how to work with Jeanne privately, call 310-795-3882
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