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Wake Up to Your Deepest Desires & Reignite Your Life

Wake Up to Your Deepest Desires & Reignite Your Life!

Creating Health, Wellness & Vitality in Midlife with Jeanne Byrd


Jeanne Byrd

Jeanne Byrd, Master Transformative Coach

Are you living a life of health, wellness and vitality where you feel on fire and surrounded by people who inspire and support you?  Or do you feel like it’s impossible to change at this age?  I believe your best years are in front of you and in my free online course I show you how to wake up to your deepest desires and use them as fuel to reignite the second half of your life.  Download my 7-week course today and I’ll take you step-by-step through the process and tools I used to reboot my life after I turned 50.  It’s 100% FREE.

In This 7-Week Course, You’ll Learn:

  • How to get clear on the deepest desires living in your body
  • How to put your order into the Universe to manifest those desires
  • How to stop any power leaks bubbling up from past trauma
  • How to use a visual narrative to become the heroin of your own life’s movie
  • How to create a blueprint to guide you toward the fulfillment of your destiny

This is such an exciting time for women over 50!  Get the 5 tools I used to transform my life by downloading this free online course here.