Free Online Course:
Wake Up to Your Deepest Desires & Reignite Your Life

This is such an exciting time for women over 50! Get the 5 tools I used to transform my life by downloading my free online course.

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Reignite Your Life!
Learn the secret to life transformation.

Are you ready to take on the total transformation of your life and clear the obstacles that have held you back? Learn the secret that will change your life forever.

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woman enjoying life

Feminine Power:
Groundbreaking tools designed for women.

Women possess an innate power of relatedness that is critical to manifesting the magic, love, connection and synchronicities that make like worth living. Find out how to unleash this potent force within you.

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Health & Wellness Coaching:
Restore your optimal wellbeing.

Good nutrition and movement are keys to restoring balance and wellness to our physical bodies, but that is not the whole picture. In order to achieve total wellbeing, you need to bring your body, mind and spirit into alignment.

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Calling in “The One”
7 Weeks to Attract the Love of Your Life.

The journey to attract your soulmate can be a bumpy road, but with Jeanne as your loving guide, Calling in “The One” is fun, nurturing and life changing.

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Heal from Heartbreak and Emerge
Lighter, wiser and ready to rebuild your life.

The experience of a painful breakup is one of the hardest things you can go through. Let Jeanne guide you through this delicate process so that you complete the relationship feeling whole, healed and emotionally ready to rebuild your life.

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